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Are you in need of new software or technology solutions? With Danielle’s professional vetting consultancy, you’ll save yourself time, money, and a lot of energy. 

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Professional Vetting Consultant Services
with Danielle

Danielle Poe has been living and breathing the technology sector for more than 15 years. Danielle is an extremely passionate enterprise leader who’s been working with Cisco for the better part of a decade. With an unparalleled amount of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies, Danielle has learned that one thing in the tech world is constant: Change.

But one thing has not: Danielle’s results.

She’s a strategist and advisor to some of the biggest clients in America across an impressively diverse set of industries and markets. Danielle’s clients trust her expert advice on everything from tech purchasing to implementation strategies.

Let Danielle
Help You

We know business owners and tech buyers have a lot on their plates. When you need new technology solutions, making the right decision can feel overwhelming.


Research, reading, contact forms, sales calls, rep visits, team meetings, comparisons, and finally, needing to make a decision…


It’s an investment in resources you may not be prepared to make.

That’s where Danielle’s expertise can save the day; by getting you the tech you need with none of the hassle — a service we know can help you save time, money, and a lot of energy!

How Does Danielle’s Professional Vetting Consultancy Work?

When you hire Danielle as a consultant, she will provide you with three professionally vetted options that she believes best meet your company’s needs.

Danielle takes into account:

Danielle knows the questions to ask that you haven’t even thought of. That’s the power of hiring Danielle as your professional consultant.

A Behind-The-Scenes Viewpoint

Have you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in a sales person’s office before making a big purchase? Danielle is the closest thing to getting a behind-the-scenes, inside scoop on everything happening in the tech world. If a company is phasing out a service, Danielle knows.

If major price adjustments or changes are coming, Danielle knows. If a competitor's product is about to hit the market and it’s a better fit for you, Danielle knows.

Hire Danielle Today

If you don’t have time to sit in sales calls and vet companies, Danielle can handle everything. She’ll do the research, set the meeting times, meet with sales reps, listen to sales presentations, and make insightful and professional comparisons based on your company’s needs.

She’ll present the top three options to you with comparables so you can clearly see the differences in each company. She’ll also give you the contact name and number of the best contact to work with at each company, so you can contact each one if you have follow up questions, or to schedule an appointment if necessary.

Danielle Poe’s professional vetting consultancy can take the stress and worry out of buying new tech.

Learn more by contacting Danielle today.