Don’t blame the network. Appdynamics is the answer.

Jack Ebby, account rep of AppDynamics which is part of Cisco, didn’t originally set out to work in tech, but he’s all in now. AppDynamics is improving observability, connecting dots, innovating faster, and creating great digital experiences. Listen in as Jack talks about his career and why he’s fully invested in helping companies grow with AppDynamics.

Cisco Meraki is here to answer all your challenges. Your entire network on the one cloud dashboard.

In today’s digital world, there is nothing more important than ensuring your users, employees, and customers have an exceptional network experience — whether they know it or not! Listen to the pitch from a sales engineer Geoffrey Giulion of Cisco Meraki.

Secil Kaufman

Listen to Secil Kaufman, one of Cisco’s most successful sales women, give insights into her sales career journey, and how she conquered her goals and continues to rise.

Jamie Ellis

Cribl’s mission is to unlock the value of all your observability data, regardless of source or destination. Listen to Jamie Ellis, a sales representative from Cribl, offer highlights and lessons learned about their groundbreaking technology while revealing tips that will help this emerging technology grow with your business.

Motivity Interviewing a Trailblazer Salesperson from Uipath

UiPath makes software robots so people don’t have to be robots. Melissa Tumelty, sales rep for UiPath, will articulate the client’s journey-to-automation processes and suggest appropriate solutions based on her extension engineering and sales background. Be part of her journey and listen in here.